Cab_Nosotros Sanchez alcaraz y grupo bell
Nosotros Sanchez alcaraz y grupo bell

Experience, taste and quality

The Sánchez Alcaraz brand has been accumulating experience for more than two generations in the curing hams and embutidos production, always guaranteeing an excellent flavor and a superior quality of their products.

Bell España Alimentación S.L.U.

Since 2017, the company Sánchez Alcaraz S.L.U. becomes Bell España Alimentación S.L.U. with three plants in its property. We are specialists in Serrano and Ibérico hams and shoulders as wel as in Ibérico embutidos. Our Export activities and vocation guarantees the quality and know-how in this industry.

Bell España Alimentación is part of the Swiss multinational Bell Food Group, with around 12,000 employees worldwide, one of the European food leaders. It produces both traditional foods and unique specialties in more than 50 different production plants spread across the European continent.

Nosotros Sanchez Alcaraz
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Our quality certifications

Our facilities comply with high quality standards. We have the IFS certification since 2007, which we have been renewing year after year with the highest level. We also have the certification of the Ibérico national regulation and the Serrano Ham STG. Moreover, we belong to the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano group.


Traceability system

We have a traceability system that provides us with information on each piece that we produce in our facilities, having more control over the process and a better product homogeneity. Each of our hams and shoulders is analyzed by qualified and experienced staff, carrying out visual and olfactory inspections in order to allocate the perfect ham require to final costumer.

sistema de trazabilidad de nuesstros jamones y paletas

Drying rooms

Our drying rooms have a computerized system that reduces unforeseen variations in humidity and temperature, providing a homogeneous quality to our hams. The curing time of our hams varies from 9 months for the Bodega Ham to more than 15 months for the Gran Selección Duroc Ham in the Serrano Ham category. And from 24 months of curing time for the Iberico Cebo Ham to more than 30 months for the Iberico Bellota Ham.

Professional ham slicers

Our caladores have a wide experience acquired day by day with the care and professionalism of their work. They are an essential part of the company, they are the ones who classify the hams and shoulders, guaranteeing that each product is served with the optimal curing at the moment of sale.

Sistema de trazabilidad Sanchez Alcaraz